Grain, Gluten, Dairy & Egg Free Treats. Just 100% Goodness

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Fresh Ingredients

Special Occasions

Each of our bags contain 100g of dehydrated treats. The pre-dehydrated weight is over double this!!


Here at Nell’s Nibbles, the team are passionate about creating 100% healthy treats for your pet.

Every single one of our Nibbles is loving handmade using fresh ingredients, locally sourced wherever possible.

We select each ingredient in our Nibbles carefully with a view to creating a treat that not only tastes amazing but has natural healing properties.

Be it our ‘Calm Lemon Balm’ to help your pet with anxiety on a long car journey or the dreaded bonfire night or a good all rounder like our ‘Blueberry Bliss’ which is perfect for the young and the old, taking care of their joints, skin, eyes, ears, bladder and heart health to name a few benefits, each ingredient is carefully chosen.

We know how nice it is to be able to reward your pet’s good behaviour and just how difficult it can be to find a treat that doesn’t cause any nasty little surprises and accidents! There is no grain, gluten, egg or dairy in any of our products – perfect for those with sensitive tummies.

We are sure your pet will love our Nibbles but if for any reason they are not 100% satisfied please do get in touch and we will work with you and your pet to find a solution.

Feeding Responsibly

  • All our Nibbles are dehydrated from raw and stay fresh for a minimum of 6 months in their air tight packaging (not that your fur baby wont have eaten them all by then!). Pop them in the freezer until you need them and they will last even longer!

  • The dehydrating process eliminates moisture leaving a crisp appearance and a good ‘crunch’ helping to keep teeth clean and prevent gum disease.

  • Whilst absolutely irresistible to your fur baby, all of our treats should be given in moderation enhancing a balanced and nutritious diet.

  • Please always observe your pet whilst eating and ensure there is plenty of fresh water available to them.

  • Our packaging has been carefully chosen to be kind to our environment and everything can be put into your local household recycling bin.